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Client Testimonials – Home Buyers

Peruse only a couple of our client tributes and how equity solutions usa has had an effect for them!

I was during a position wherever I was required to sell my home fast and also the near master with created a distinction. He was an associate degree awing individual to figure with and a form and caring person. He was sufficiently pleasant to help the American state with obtaining another home as a feature of their Rent-To-Own program, and he created it very simple. He had confidence in the American state despite the very fact that I lost my employment. I want he was a real saver. He was easy and earnest and he caused the American state to want he really minded. I’d sky-high impose to anybody. they need nice morals and square measure acceptable hearted people.


Theresa W.

A debt of feeling is so as for paying special mind to the emptor but abundant you were paying special mind to America. i really just like the method that you just work together—it is restorative. Truly!

Travis C.

Much due to you not specialized or dangerous abundant for marketing North American country home. once we have a tendency to we have a tendency tore turned somewhere around varied banks as a result of our FICO rating we began looking for another rental. that’s the purpose at that I saw your Rent-To-Own ad. From the principal meeting at the house to the move-in date you were simple and addressed everything of our inquiries. we have a tendency to in addition assume the credit guiding system is unbelievable, presently our FICO rating is that the most elevated it’s at any purpose been. A debt of feeling is so as for the pride of possession, we might currently be ready to torment our dividers any shading we have a tendency to like.

Toby A.