Peter Stur REALTOR, PSA, RENE Vice President & Managing Broker American Home Agents
+0720 213 3080

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We’re a family owned business that highlights and caters to all to make this transition as easy as possible.


Equity Solutions was established by Peter Stur in Denver Colorado. His mission is to make selling homes incredibly easy. Whether youre a buyer, seller we think of our clients as family.

He has been in the business for quite some time and has a reputable network that has allowed him to conquer goals other can not manage. He knows and understands the market extremely well and can get offers right away. You do not need to worry about fixing it yourself, Equity solutions will do it all for you and you will walk away happy.


How Can We Help You?

Here at Equity Solutions we help homeowners get out of any type of battle they are facing with. Whether it be divorce, medical bills, loss of a loved one, Equity Solutions specializes in creating a hassle free transaction and makes sure the customer walks away with no burden.